We have a suite of courses in our current training and education offer but we are also able to deliver bespoke events, workshops and training around the following themes:

  • Playwork and Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Risk / benefit assessments
  • The Playwork Principles
  • Outdoor Play
  • Inclusion
  • Building play structures outdoors
  • Play and planning
  • Play and your local community
  • Using tools with children
  • Playful ways of delivering playwork qualifications etc more could be added...
"Enjoyed the training, got lots of game ideas I can try at work."

Jenny Arthur

Playwork Resources

Playwork Partnerships has developed a variety of playwork training products that have been developed over a number of years. Here you can access useful materials to help you promote quality play and playwork opportunities.


Want to get involved?

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out about our work in more detail or would like to discuss working together on a development project or commission some research. For information on past project work please click here or for details of past research work click here.