Get Involved
Get Involved

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can become involved in our work:

  • Become a partner or stakeholder in our work, this might be through contacting us to ask us to join you in working on a project or talking through ideas for a project that could support your work. 
  • Get connected to others through our work, it could be as simple as joining one of our e-groups (trainer network) to participate in discussions. 
  • Sign up to receive our regular Playwork Partnerships E-bulletin, offering discounted training and updates on sector news and issues.
  • Become one of our trainers and keep up to date with training developments in the sector (see below).
  • Sponsor an event or workshops to improve play opportunities for children and young people in your local area or nationally.
  • Commission some research or bespoke training/ learning opportunities.
  • Take part - come along to our publicised events and take away useful and new information.
  • Keep us informed as to how we can best help you with your work.

Playwork Partnerships Associate Trainer 

Playwork Partnerships Associate Trainer (PPAT) Scheme enables individual trainers to operate under our Code of Practice. This is an annual membership scheme and PPATs with a valid membership can deliver as many Playwork Partnerships endorsed courses as they wish. Membership benefits at a glance are:

PPAT Annual Membership will include:

  • Licence to deliver Playwork Partnerships Endorsed Training Courses;
  • Support from Playwork Partnerships on delivering their endorsed courses;
  • Being in a pool of trainers with the opportunity to be contracted by Playwork Partnerships to deliver our courses nationally;
  • Discounted price on our other Train the Trainer/Tutor courses and CPD;
  • Access to online resources and discussions through our secure Facebook group.

To become a PPAT you are required to meet our criteria for a quality trainer (by completing our application form), sign our PPAT Membership Agreement, submit your current CV and receive a QA visit from us, but you would then have the opportunity to deliver our courses and be contracted to deliver our endorsed training courses under our licence and code of practice.

Find out more information about our PPAT Scheme by clicking on the links below:

For more information email 

Playwork Resources

Playwork Partnerships has developed a variety of playwork training products that have been developed over a number of years. Here you can access useful materials to help you promote quality play and playwork opportunities.


Want to get involved?

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out about our work in more detail or would like to discuss working together on a development project or commission some research. For information on past project work please click here or for details of past research work click here.