Playing on the Range
Playing on the Range

Course Details

An exciting 2 day training course specifically for play rangers working in the public space and playworkers based in open access settings.

Whilst exploring the unique role and position of the play ranger within the local community, there will also be an emphasis on practical ideas for delivery during the Winter months, including playing in the dark and the seasonal weather!

This level 2 course is 20 hours, made up of 15 hours training time and 5 hours of individual study. The session are:

  • Session 1 - Play ranger
  • Session 2 - Free range children
  • Session 3 - At home on the range
  • Session 4 - At a safe range
  • Session 5 - Community ranger or lone ranger
  • Session 6 - Wider ranger

Applicants need:

  • to be able to demonstrate current experience of working with children in a play setting;
  • to have undertaken at minimum some introductory Playwork Training.


Course Aims & Assessment

Aims of the course are to:

  • enable learners to gain confidence and competence in facilitating freely chosen play in 'open access' provision;
  • enable learners to understand the importance of play ranger projects within the wider community;
  • develop learners' ability to effectively monitor and evaluate their play ranger service;
  • help learners appreciate the significance of community and project development and the importance of accountability for the play ranger service.


The delivery of the course will emphasise participative learning, practical group work and individual reflective practice. The assessment will be based on your active participation during the taught session and completion of a reflective diary, the diary can be presented in any format which reflects your learning needs.

To pass this course and receive a certificate you must:

  • Attend 80% of the taught sessions
  • Actively participate in sessions
  • Complete assessments including a course reflective diary


"It was great to consolidate our present practice and get together with other Play Rangers"

Claire Webb

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