Playing Up!
Playing Up!

Course Details

What is Playing Up?

This new Level 3 course provides learners with the knowledge and confidence to support the needs and play behaviours of older children and young people in their settings. The course focuses on understanding the needs and play behaviours of older children and how to support them in a range of settings through providing exciting resources, flexible approaches to planning and by building relationships through empowerment and effective participation.

Who can undertake this course?

Learners must demonstrate current experience of working with children and young people in a play context, which may include children's centres, early years provision, childcare at home, holiday play schemes, extended school services, play times, public parks andspaces as well as established play centres and adventure playgrounds. It is desirable that learners have undertaken some training at Level 3.

How long is the training course?

Playing Up! is a 30 hour course made up of 20 tutor led training hours and 10 hours of individual study plus observations in play settings.

Session titles:

Session 1: What is play?            Session 6: Play theory
Session 2: Rite of passage         Session 7: So what?
Session 3: Play for all                Session 8: Children's rights
Session 4: Risky play                Session 9: Resourcing the play setting
Session 5: Is it playing?            Session 10: Moving forward


Course Aims & Assessment

This course aims to:

  • provide you with an understanding of the needs and play behaviours of older children and how to support them in your settings,
  • provide you with an opportunity to fully reflect on your playwork practice, 
  • enable you to develop confidence in working with older children andyoung people in your setting,
  • supply you with information on further training in play and playwork and provide an understanding of play and playwork issues.


The delivery of the course will emphasise participative learning, practical group work and individual reflective practice. The assessment will be based on your active participation during the taught sessions and completion of a reflective diary.

What do I need to do to pass?

To receive a full certificiate you must:

  • attend 80% of the taught sessions
  • actively participate in sessions
  • complete assessments including a course reflective diary and a grade of 50% or more.
"Thank you. Great fun with lots of info as always. Great to meet other playwork people."

Jo James

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