Take 5 for Play
Take 5 for Play

Course Details

Take 5 for Play is a 15-hour tutor led course. There are lots of practical activities and games for you to join in with! You will be asked to contribute your ideas and experiences, and to start to make connections between your learning and your playwork practice.

To help you do this you will carry out 10 hours of playwork practice in play settings that your tutor will help you to organise. You will be asked to keep a short diary of your playwork practice. This diary will help you become more reflective and think more about your role. A follow up session may be available to you to discuss your playwork practice.

The 15 hour training course consists of six sessions:

  • The importance of play
  • Playwork and teamwork
  • Fair Play - building relationships
  • Safe play - health and safety
  • Safeguarding children
  • Playwork - a job worth doing

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you have just started work and require induction, or if you want to gain experience working with children and young people aged 4 - 16 years in a play setting. You need no experience of Playwork before joining this course and your tutor will also be able to help if you have any learning needs. It is an ideal stepping stone form the orientation course 'Making Choices'.

Course Aims & Assessment

This course aims to:

  • provide participants with the information required for a comprehensive induction into playwork
  • provide participants with an understanding of children and play, the roles and responsibilities of a playworker, how to build relationships with children and finally how to keep children safe
  • provide participants with an opportunity to start to explore the Playwork Principles
  • enable participants to develop confidence in working with children and young people aged 4 - 16 years, in a playwork setting
  • provide opportunities to gain practical playwork experience
  • supply information about job opportunities and further training in playwork


To receive a full certificate you have to:

  • attend and actively participate in 80% of sessions, that is 12.5 out of 15 hours and have evidence that all of the learning outcomes have been covered
  • complete the health and safety home task
  • demonstrate an increased knowledge of the Playwork Principles
  • provide evidence of a satisfactory 10 hour Playwork practice that has been signed by the supervisor and countersigned by your tutor.


"The trainers were knowledgeable, open and honest. They answered all questions straight on and were passionate about helping me to get the most from both sessions"

Gail George

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