Volunteers in Play
Volunteers in Play


This course was developed by Playwork Partnerships as part of the Free Time Consortium's 'Get Involved in Play' programme. In July 2013 the course won the 'Enterprise In Education' Award at the University of Gloucestershire's Enterprise Awards. 

Working with children of all ages and abilities is hugely rewarding and can lead on to many other training opportunities or potential paid work. The play sector itself covers a wide range of settings that support the child's right to play from playschemes and adventure playgrounds to Out of School Clubs and Play Rangers in parks. Play is an essential part of a healthy childhood and understanding how adults can create spaces and environments in which children can freely play is an important part of a playworkers role.

This training course introduces the principles and ethos of good quality playwork and aims to give the relevant information that is needed to start volunteering within children's play services.

Volunteers are an important member of any playwork team and we hope that this course will inspire those attending to continue working with children.

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